Always keeping an eye on what’s next, Geoffrey is familiar with how companies adopt new technologies. The latest trends in technology have been heading towards an era where people are becoming personally dependent on multiple computer chips simultaneously. This is know as the ubiquitous era of computing. From cell phones, to tablets, automobiles, thermostats, and even autonomous chips that assume the identity of the real world objects they are closest too. Soon everything will have a chip in it. Utilizing all of these chips in a way that makes sense is what ubiquitous computing is all about. And that is what Geoffrey specializes in. Making sense of all of the different parts of technology in a way that is fun, useful and ultimately productive. Geoffrey Goetz is currently an Executive Director of Mobile Applications Development at JPMorgan Chase in Columbus Ohio. As the Managing Member of ggeoffre LLC, Geoffrey has published nearly 500 articles on GigaOm’s Apple and Mobile channels on a wide range of mobile related topics. Geoffrey is also a published book author (“Mastering JBuilder”) and veteran international speaker on a variety of topics ranging from Win32, to Java, to Mobile. Geoffrey has recently been involved in cross platform and native development on both the iOS and Android platforms. He has been on the development scene in central Ohio since graduating from Ohio State in 1992. You may recall one of his presentations at the local COJUG, CIIJUG and other conference venues including Borland Developers Conference, Mobile Mondays, M3 Columbus and most recently, CodeMash.