Steve Sneed is a maker, programmer, musician, brewer, and Halloween enthusiast. During the day, he runs Sneed.Net Consulting, LLC, a technology consulting firm. During the night, Sneed enjoys creating phat grooves and delicious brews. It is during the Halloween season where he gets to let his inner maker howl at the moon. With his son, Zack and wife, Kristi, he creates cool interactive Halloween games using new and cutting edge technologies, including hacking computer vision through OpenCV, Wii remotes, pneumatic actuators, fractional horsepower motors, and other cool technology. Starting in October of 2014, Sneed is co-creator of How-To Halloween, a Lansing, MI-based event dedicated towards the promotion of the DIY spirit of the haunting season. Taking place at the Lansing Center, the event hopes to inspire current and future makers to create something cool out of the mundane: costumes, decorations, or large displays.