OMG! Come submit your talk!!!

Look at these great submission, so far!
Amitai Schleier – How To Miss Deadlines
Robert Casto – Give service while sharing your passion!
David Giard – Big Data Solutions in Azure
Rachel Weil – I built a WiFi modem for my NES, and you can, too!
Paul DeCaro – Bash on Ubuntu On Windows => Linux Desktop running natively in Windows 10!
Drew Lister – Why I love my elliptical (and you should too!)
Ryan Booz – Going Big AND Going Home
You could join them! Come talk about most anything you want. Don’t like tech talks, then come talk about gardening, utensils, or even just about lightning!
ANYTHING IS A GO! Just make it under 6 minutes!

When are they?
Wednesday night at 7pm in the Main Dining Hall (Kilimanjaro Ballroom) at the Kalahari!!!!