We have so many people at CodeMash, that like other major conferences, we have multiple hotels. In order to make it easy for attendees to get around, and to avoid dangerous driving situations, we have a full featured shuttle system.

We have devices in each shuttle to track it’s location in real time. You can find the shuttle’s locations at http://shuttle.codemash.org. It can even detect your location.

We have added bigger shuttles this year, and fine tuned the schedule. Each hotel should have CodeMash shuttle information in their lobby as well.

The shuttles can be used by any CodeMash attendee, or family member.

Kalahari Pickup/Drop-off Location:
Conference Center Entrance B – All Times
Kalahari Main Entrance – Thursday night only, 10pm – 2am (this is to make it easier to get to the waterpark)

Schedule Details

Tuesday & Wednesday
6:30am – Midnight
The shuttle will leave the Kalahari every half hour

6:30am – 2:00am
Every 10 mins until 8:30am
Every 15 mins until 11:30am
Every 30 mins until 2am

6:30am – 6:30pm
The shuttle will leave the Kalahari every half hour

Call (419) 504-1616