The sessions have been picked, and the speakers are in intense training to bring you the best content we could find. We’ve put them on an low fat, high awesome diet, and they run laps, in Minecraft, every morning at 4:00am. Now we need help in setting up the schedule. There is an art and a science to setting up a session schedule. We have to make sure the same speaker isn’t booked at the same time giving both of her presentations. We have to make sure that we try to guess how many people will want to see that session, and put them in the right sized room. And we need to make sure that Jim Holmes’ session is at 7:00am on Friday. Our scientists (literally, we a scientist on this) have come up with a quick survey for you to take.


  • Please only respond only once.
  • Please only respond if you have a ticket.
  • This does not commit you to attending any particular session. Feel free to change your mind. We dare you.
  • This does not affect if a session is offered or not. We have locked speakers and topics.
  • This does not guarantee you a seat in the room.
  • These results are anonymous.
  • It’s just data to help the session slotting software.

Please take the survey: