There is a metric crap load of stuff going on at Codemash. Sometimes it can be hard, especially during your first year or two, to know what’s happening, and where it’s happening at. Over the years CodeMash has almost turned into a festival, with lots of different types of activities going on at almost all hours of the day. Here are some of the best ways to know about sessions, meals, after hours fun, shuttle rides, etc.

  1. Read your email. – We send emails with guide information and tips. Please read them.
  2. EventsXD – EventsXD ( is on every mobile platform and a web app, and is our official app. We’ve always supported unofficial apps as well, they get all of the session data from the same feed. EventsXD though also has facility maps, a news feed, and the ability to favorite a session so you can flag it as one you want to see. You can get push notifications, as well as build a schedule for yourself.
  3. Twitter – There is always the twitters. Follow us at @codemash.
  4. Slack – Slack is a very popular chat system. We have created several channels, so you can follow the channels you want to keep up with. And don’t let us pen you in. Go ahead and create channels for whatever you are interested in. We will use it to make announcements (because change happens), and notices of what’s going on. Join at
  5. Daily Sheet – Some people just like to handle thin slices of dead vegetation. That’s cool, we don’t judge. We will have daily sheets near the Lion at the reg booth every morning for pickup. It will have the sessions list, and an easy tear off sidebar of all of the other fun stuff going on.
  6. The Main Stage – There will be stage announcements and rotating signage in the dining room. That is your last ditch option to get all of the latest information.

Don’t go overboard with CodeMash. To make sure you have a great time, and don’t wear yourself out, follow the basic rules of 1-2-3.

  • One shower a day. Puh-leeze.
  • Two meals a day. We know it’s hard to break away from sessions, board games, and open spaces, but please eat two meals a day.
  • Three hours of sleep. Many are up early for breakfast, go to sessions all day, hit the Artemis simulator, a reception, then an after party later on. That’s cool if that is how you roll, but getting three hours of sleep each day is a bare minimum to keep you functioning. Plus you need time to charge your phone.