We are happy to announce that the Codemash 2024 session schedule is officially live!  We tabulated all the results from the session interest survey and were able to use all of that data to pick the best timeslots and rooms for each talk.

Please head over to the posted schedule. Click the day on top of the menu to view sessions specific for that day. Time slots are listed on the left.  We really hope that you’ll find this schedule useful for planning what sessions you want to attend so you can get the most out of the conference.

Stay tuned for the official CodeMash mobile app, which will also contain the schedule (allowing you to keep track of which sessions you want to attend) along with other features.

Important Note: Change is constant, so it’s inevitable that there will be tweaks to the schedule. Please be sure to double-check the schedule before heading to sessions. We will also do our best to announce any last-minute cancelations in the official mobile app.

CodeMash Discord Server: If you want to join our CodeMash Discord Server to communicate with fellow CodeMash peeps, then click here.