We’ve built a mobile app for CodeMash! AttendeeHub by CrowdCompass is the official mobile app for CodeMash, and it is now available for downloading. It has all the important information you’ll need for the event, and features to enhance your event experience.

Key features:

  • View the full CodeMash schedule, and build out your own
  • See who is speaking at CodeMash
  • Provide feedback on Sessions
  • View a map of the conference area
  • See who is sponsoring CodeMash
  • And much, much more!

The first thing you’ll need to do is download the app on the device you’re bringing to the event. The link below will work for iOS, Android, or will take you to the mobile web version for all other devices.

Click here to get the app.

After you download the app, you can also create an account (optional) for some additional features.

The app can also be installed by searching app stores for “AttendeeHub” (Android and iOS only).  After installing, find our event by searching for “CodeMash”.