Woah there! It’s October already?  Put down that pumpkin spice cappa-frape-mocha-latte-chino for a second. CodeMash tickets are going to be on sale, very soon! See below for more details.

Attendee Tickets will go on sale starting 4PM Eastern, on Monday, October 8th. 

  • Ticket prices are $350 for Thurs/Fri.
  • For an additional $350 ($700 total) you can add the Pre-Compiler, which is Tues/Weds. The price of the Pre-Compiler tickets increased by $50 from last year, to cover the cost of adding an additional attendee dinner. We decided to add an additional dinner because of the survey feedback (Weds/Fri dinners will still be on your own).
  • As in past years, a 4 day ticket will be required to get a hotel reservation at the Kalahari. Many other hotels are available in the area, for as low as $99ish.
  • After we confirm the latest details and rates with hotels, it will be posted on our web site, and a link will be sent out.

Stay tuned!! And remember, never pet a hungry shark. (Full ones may be OK, but the trick is knowing the difference).