Welcome to the Thursday/Friday Edition of What to Expect!  If you have tickets for the Pre-Compiler, you’ll also want to check out the Tuesday/Wednesday edition.  This blog entry is a bit longish, but we promise it will be worth your while. Especially if you are new to CodeMash, or if you’ve had that feeling of missing out on things as a past attendee.

Thursday & Friday

Thursday is when CodeMash really goes full swing. The remaining 1k attendees will be filling the conference area- the hallways can get crowded at times! All of the sponsor booths will be set up. You might even spot a Wookiee walking around, scanning QR codes on attendee badges.

On Thursday morning, just about everyone is bright eyed and bushy tailed– and eagerly anticipating great sessions, meeting old friends, and making new ones. You may also notice a lot of hustle and bustle from the volunteer staff, as they process the hoard of attendees waiting to register. By Thursday, most of the interns have figured out the layout of the conference area, but a few of them will be wandering the halls trying to find the session room they are proctoring.

Arrival & Registration

  • Many folks will be arriving Wednesday evening and checking in to a hotel. If you are staying at the Kalahari, please be aware that your room will not be available until after 4 pm. If you have a 2 day ticket for Thursday/Friday only, the earliest you can pick up your badge is 6 pm on Wednesday evening. Registration is typically open until 8 pm, sometimes longer. Otherwise, registration will be open EARLY on Thursday morning, like, before breakfast early.
  • Head to the Orange Booth for registration. It is located towards the center of the conference area.  You will see a large bronze Lion, which happens to be across from the registration booth.   (Note: there is another Lion near the Coat Check- don’t try to register there). If you are a CodeMash newbie, familiarize yourself with the Kalahari Conference Center Layout.
  • If you are checking in Thursday morning, expect a line, though we try our best to process it as efficiently as possible.
  • Please bring your EventBrite ticket, or have your ticket available on your mobile app.We simply need the bar code on your ticket (either paper or on your mobile device).
  • We will hand you your badge and some supplies and swag when you register. The wonderful intern volunteers will also do their best to explain how things work (like how to redeem soda/snack tickets).

A few notes about hoodies

  • All attendees will receive a hoodie as part of their registration. Last year, we moved hoodie pickup to Zebrawood, and doing so improved the registration processing efficiency by about 295.72% (according to our project manager). If the hoodie pickup area is busy, you can come back and pick it up later. Your badge has a “hoodie punch”, so no need to rush.
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE only request the hoodie in the size that you put on your ticket. Otherwise, someone who checks in later may not get the right sized hoodie, and that’s just not cool. No extra hoodies are available, so please don’t request one for your cat (or significant other, child, pet wookiee, etc.).
  • Good news, everyone! If you would like an extra CodeMash branded hoodie or other apparel the CodeMash Apparel store is open and standing by for your order (online, only). We are offering merchandise with the 2019 logo on it, including hoodies and t-shirts. The store will be open until January 20th, and ships 2 weeks after that. (Hoodies are still provided to attendees during CodeMash, separate from the store).

Things to know about Your Badge

  • Your badge is a modern work of art, thanks to Missy & Matt at ZAGG Studios. It’s also very functional and practical.
  • Some of the cool things you will find on your badge: Soda and Snack “tickets”, Drink tickets, a spot to write your name (and twitter handle, or something snarky). Oh, and hopefully a bar code. More on that later.
  • Wear your badge at all times during the conference. It is required to gain admittance to sessions and meals. Oh, you can remove it for the waterpark (but wristbands are required).
  • Have a Kid attending KidzMash? Awesome. They will also get a badge when registering in the KidzMash area (near the Grand Staircase, outside Acacia), but it will be different. Please note: Kidz are not permitted to attend sessions, or eat attendee meals. Please don’t try to sneak them in. (We have a few every year that have to be chased out… Please don’t be that guy or gal)

All About Sessions

Attendee Sessions

  • Sessions begin right after breakfast, starting at 8am on Thursday and run about an hour, with a 15 minute hall break after each session.
  • On Friday, sessions begin at 8:30am. We start later because almost everyone stays up too late the night before.
  • Hopefully, you’ve had a look at the CodeMash Schedule. Refer to “Art of Knowing the Happs” for a list of applications that provide session data, as well as communication channels we use.

KidzMash Sessionz

  • KidzMash is a conference within a conference, and open to kidz of all ages. If you have Kidz that are planning to attend, please register them. Read here for all the details and registration links.
  • Some activities (like Laser Tag, Artemis Simulator) require additional registration. Check here for more info. A few tickets are open now, and more will be available when the conference starts.
  • Please note that KidzMash does not provide child care- a parent or guardian must be present.
  • In addition to CodeMash families, all attendees are welcome to harness their inner child and participate.

Open Spaces 

  • As opposed to regular sessions, Open Spaces are all about self-organizing content.
  • Physical Signage will be displayed in the Open Spaces area. If you want to start a topic, pick a slot and add it to the list!
  • All open spaces are located in the Grand Hall area of the conference center. They start near the Banyan room and go all the way to the Marrakesh bar.
  • If you want to attend an Open Space, just show up a few minutes before it starts in the designated area. Time slots and the Open Space number will be listed on the physical signage. Signs will be posted at each Open Space so you know which one to go to.
  • Open Spaces are informal and interactive sessions. You may be new to the topic, or an expert. Just be passionate and engage in the conversation!

3d Printing and Modeling

  • Want to learn how to 3d print or design using CAD? Come check out 3d Printing and Modeling sessions. They will be held in Guava and Tamarind.
  • Available for Attendees and Kidz. No registration necessary, just show up.

All Day Activities

Game Room (Sponsored by Improving)

  • Brought to you by Improving. We have a giant board game room for you to hang out in.
  • There is a library of games for you to borrow from, or bring your own.
  • Don’t be shy, most tables will be looking for players, so jump on in.
  • The Game Room is open during the entire conference, and goes well into Thursday night.
  • Also, make sure to check the schedule for any special board gaming events.

Laser Tag and Artemis (Sponsored by Gaming Nomads)

  • Artemis is a really cool space ship simulator. It’s totally-not-exactly-like-Star-Trek.
  • Gaming Nomads also hosts Laser Tag! Through the years (iterations) their equipment has gotten quite remarkable.
  • Available for Attendees, Kidz, and bitz. Registration required. Check out the recent Blog for more info.


  • Be sure to check it out- the Kalahari has one of the largest indoor waterparks in the USA!
  • Bonus: the water park in the Kalahari is usually pretty empty during CodeMash. Float down the lazy river, go “surfing”, check out the rides, or swim in the wave pool.
  • CodeMash attendees will receive waterpark wristbands when checking in to the Kalahari. Don’t forget to request them.
  • If you are staying offsite and would like to use the waterpark, let us know when you are checking in at Orange Registration and we will provide you with wristbands.

Hotel to Hotel transportation

  • Multiple shuttles will be running during CodeMash. Hotels on the route include: Comfort Inn, Best Western, and Great Wolf Lodge.
  • Shuttles will run between 6:30am-2:00am Thursday, and 6:30am-6:30pm Friday.
  • We even have a Shuttle Tracker that tracks where the shuttle is so you can see it in real time. The tracker app as all the info, including the intervals the shuttles run. Check it out here.  Press the “Information” button in the upper right corner for a detailed schedule.
  • Please note, the shuttle will pick up at the main Kalahari entrance (by the waterpark) from 10pm – 2AM on Thursday evening.  That way, you can enjoy the exclusive waterpark party and not have to hike back to the conference area.
  • One last thing: please keep in mind that the shuttles are not clown cars (we tried to special order them, but the clowns were unavailable). The shuttles make their last run at 2AM, so if the vans are full and you are not on it, you are stranded at the Kalahari. Please plan accordingly!

Food & Beverage

Attendee Meals

  • All attendee meals will be served in the Kilimanjaro Ballroom.
  • Thursday meals: Breakfast (7-8 am), Lunch (11:30 am-2:30 pm), Dinner (6-7:30pm) on Thursday. Breakfast (7:30am-8:30am) and Lunch (11am-2:00 pm) on Friday.
  • OMG?! There is a hot sauce table???!  YES! And you can bring your own hot sauce, or try someone else’s if you are feeling adventurous. There will be a table near the buffet lines labeled “BYO Hot Sauce Swap”.  
  • Food is generally labeled, so you know what it is. If you have questions about an ingredient, the Kalahari wait staff should be able to get an answer for you. We will also have another announcement on meals, so you’ll know what is on the menu.
  • Special Meals: If you indicated that you need a special meal when registering your ticket, you can pick it up in the main dining hall. The location is to the far left, by the buffet lines, if you are facing the stage. Please check in each day in the window. If the buffet food meets your needs, you are welcome to get food from there as well.
  • Meals are only for Attendees with badges (this includes Attendees, Speakers, and Sponsors with full badges).

Coffee, Sodas, and Snacks

  • Coffee is available all day, but not in the hall during meals. During meals, Coffee is moved to the dining room.
  • Snack stations will be open throughout the day, and will have a variety of healthy and less healthy snacks and beverages. You will be able to redeem your “snack and soda” tickets on your badge at these stations.
  • Snack stations are in the Zambezi booth, and in Marrakesh. Coffee will be the regular hallway spots (outside suite 6), and outside the Atrium.

The CodeMash Attendee Party!

From 7 pm-midnight Thursday is the legendary Attendee Party! A special thanks to our sponsors. This year, OnShift is sponsoring the cocktail party, and Sherwin-Williams is sponsoring the Waterpark Party.

The party starts out in the Grand Hall, located near the Marrakesh bar. As the night goes on, people migrate to other parties and activities. There are so many things going on. Check ’em out! Attendees and their families are welcome to attend all attendee party activities.

Jam Sessions. 7 pm-1 am. Whether you want to be ‘plugged in’ or not, we have a jam session space for you!  Bring your instruments and make some beautiful music.

  • Electric Jam Session – Main Ballroom
  • Acoustic Jam Session – Mangrove

CodeMash Casino. 8 pm-11 pm. Play some games, sing your face off, or take goofy pictures.  We have updated our Casino offering to include prizes this year!

  • Casino Games & Prize Wheel – Atrium
  • Karaoke – Grand Hall just outside of Marrakesh
  • Photo Booth – Grand Hall

Extreme Dessert Display & Snackage. 

  • Got dessert? You’ll probably find something you really want on the Dessert Display.
  • This year, it begins at the Grand hall and stretches to the hallway in front of Atrium for better flow.

Waterpark Party. (10 pm – 1 am)

  • If you still have energy, come on down to the Waterpark Party, sponsored by Sherwin-Williams! Swimming is optional. Having fun is mandatory.
  • Aptera and HMB are hosting Waterpark Cabanas, located near the wave pool! Late night snacks and drinks will be available while they last. Come by and grab a slice or brew, and meet some new people!
  • Please drink responsibly.

Other Happs.

  • The Game Room (located in Salon B/G) really gets going in the evening. Come by, play a game or two and get some refreshments.
  • Don’t forget about Artemis / Laser Tag. Registration required. 

Just want to Chillax, or need to get away?

  • During the conference, you may need to charge up your phone, tablet or laptop.  Stop by the Recharge Pavilion, sponsored by CoverMyMeds. It is located near Zambezi.
  • You may also find some couches and chairs on the far end hallway of the Kilimanjaro Ball Room.
  • Need to spend some time in prayer/reflection?  We have reserved a quiet room just for that purpose. Stop by Orange Registration and trade your government issued photo ID for a key to the shared hospitality suite.
  • If you are a mother, we also have a mother’s room available. Stop by Orange Registration for more information.


  • Sponsors help make CodeMash awesome, and we couldn’t have the conference without their generous support.
  • Wondering who is sponsoring CodeMash? Check out the official sponsor listing here.
  • All attendees will receive a bar code on their badge, which can be claimed using a web site (details will be provided during registration). You may choose to share your information with a sponsor if you are interested in what they have to offer. Many sponsors will be handing out swag, or having prize raffles at their booth. Bar codes are used to select winners for raffle prizes.
  • Exhibiting sponsors begin setting up on Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday morning, booths will be set up. Many sponsors will have large crowds congregating during meals, as well as hall breaks (which are immediately following sessions). If you want to spend more time talking with a sponsor, you may want to set up a time with them.
  • On both Thursday and Friday around lunch time, sponsors present sessions on a topic usually related to their company. These sessions will be listed on the scheduling app, and Sponsors may also advertise them at their booth. Be sure to check them out!

Closing Ceremony

  • The closing ceremony is a great time to reflect on what you learned at CodeMash, and serves as a great capstone for the week. It begins at 5 pm (Friday) in the Kilimanjaro Ball Room.
  • One of the best reasons to stick around: we will be giving away a bunch of raffle prizes (thanks to our awesome sponsors)! If you allowed your bar code to be scanned by a sponsor, you may be so fortunate to win a prize! For most prizes, you must be present to win.
  • You will also learn about what goes into CodeMash, and will be introduced to the Board and Committee members. Sometimes we even let the interns on stage.

Stay Healthy, my Friend

  • Your  brain might not be the only thing getting overwhelmed at CodeMash! With all the activity, late nights, the sheer amount of people, and the flu season upon us your immune system may also take a beating. Stay properly hydrated and get your rest!
  • Please practice good hygiene during CodeMash. Wash your hands after using the restroom, use hand sanitizer before meals, etc.
  • You may find it beneficial to load up on Zinc, Vitamin C, etc. before and during the conference. Check with a health care professional for more information.

Coat Check & Luggage

  • Don’t want to wear your coat around all day? No problem, we offer a coat check, located between the conference center door and Aloeswood.
  • You may also check your luggage there on Friday, so you don’t have to carry it with you everywhere. It is managed by a grizzled Las Vegas entertainment act tiger, so it’s at your own risk.

Need assistance?

  • Staff Members are ready and always willing to help. Most of them will be wearing green hoodies. Stop by any of the Registration booths if you have a question.
  • Try your best to ignore the disapproving gorilla. In the past, people who were unable to sleep under his incessant eye daggers had success covering him with an extra blanket.
  • Lost and Found is located at the Orange Registration booth. We always have a few good finds during the conference! While we’re on the topic, please add your name to your phone’s lock screen- it will help us get it back to you if you misplace or lose it.

Schedule / Time Changes

  • Please double check the official schedule before heading out, as final tweaks could result in last minute changes. The official schedule (available on the CodeMash web site and mobile app) will be kept up to date and will reflect the correct date/time for all sessions and activities.